You can order:


  1. Click on Our Menu on the top navigation menu
  2. Click on Select Options for an item you want to order
  3. Select a Serving Size and enter a Quantity,then click on Add To Cart
  4. To select more, repeat steps 1-3, otherwise click on View Cart or the right-most link on the navigation menu
  5. Click on Proceed To Checkout
  6. Enter your Personal and Delivery Information, then click on Place Order.
  7. Please follow payment instructions upon confirmation.


  1. Please have the following information available to facilitate order-taking and delivery:
    • Date and time of delivery
      • Approx. 2-3 days lead time
    • Contact information
      • Full name
      • Mobile and landline number
      • Complete delivery address and landmarks
        • preferably searchable on Waze or Google Maps
    • Orders
      • Items, Sizes and Quantity
  2. Send the following information via:
  3. We will confirm receipt of your order and inform you of any applicable delivery fees.
  4. Deposit or transfer online to any of the ff. accounts:
    • BPI Savings
      • Marijo Alaine C. Salvanera
      • 3549 3861 55
    • BDO Savings
      • Marijo Alaine C. Salvanera
      • 0023 7074 8377
  5. Send a photo or screenshot to any of the channels above or via email to
  6. We will verify receipt of your payment.

Friendly Reminder:
YummyTummy.PH delivers food trays and packed meals. We currently do not offer catering services.